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Simple Lunch Ideas for Kids

December 14, 2017
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June 7, 2020

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In todays fast paced world, as parents there is never enough time to get it all done. While it can be tiring thinking about all the tasks on your to-do list each and every day, the one thing that shouldn’t be difficult is figuring out simple lunch ideas for your kids.

Did you know that most times, just asking your child what they’re craving, allows them open up and tell you? And while their answers might not be always exactly what we want to hear, it at least gives our children a voice to let us know what they want.

Luckily for us as parents, lunch ideas don’t have to be hard. Your child will actually want to eat a simple lunch because it’s straight-forward and tasty. Kids really don’t want complicated dishes! They just want simple food that tastes great.

Simple Lunch Ideas for Kids

No one ever said that a complicated lunch was any more tastier. And why spend extra time or money on foods that your child might not even like or eat anyways? Instead, try these easy lunch ideas for kids.

  • Veggies and Dip

Kids love to dip! Cut up some celery, broccoli or carrots and add in a dip. They’ll be grabbing veggie after veggie and eating up all those healthy nutrients without worry.

  • Sliced fruit

Forget about the sweet dessert and treats. Instead serve up some super sweet sliced fruit. Your child will love eating fruit that is fresh and in season and all that natural sugar tastes way better than all the processed stuff (and its so much better for them, too!)

  • Soup and Salad

A cup of soup and a side salad create a delicious and simple lunch for kids. The soup can have crackers added in for an extra crunch and the salad is a blank canvas for yummy toppings. Having that balance between hot and cold makes for a filling and easy lunch for kids.

  • Pasta Dishes

Pasta is not only quick and easy to make but it’s also versatile and tasty, too. Top with some fresh tomato sauce or meatballs and you’ve got a hearty meal in no time at all.

  • Sandwiches, Bagels, Subs, and Wraps

Cold sandwiches are a great solution for quick and easy lunches for kids! Load them up with lettuce or other veggies and add on a slice of lean and healthy meat. The bread fills them full of carbs that will then convert and give them the energy to get through their day.

  • Dips and other Side Dishes

Corn chips and salsa, hummus and celery, yogurt and granola bites, and crackers and cheese are all great combinations for a simple and easy lunch for your child.

When you’re wanting to fill your child with great food that is natural, healthy, and delicious, keeping the offerings simple is your best bet. Over complicating with choices will not only confuse your child but it will cause them to not want to eat anything on their plate. Easy food ideas for kids are often some of the best treats and eats there are!

When it comes to school lunches, freshness and simplicity are best! These are some of the best easy school lunches ideas that won’t take hardly any time on your part at all – and you’ll be getting great food in their bodies that will give them energy all day long, too.

Interested in figuring out a way to serve easy school lunch ideas to your child every single day?

We’ve got just the local catering business that can help!

As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to continuously give your child a variety of snacks, vegetables and fruit in order to keep their ever changing  taste buds happy with healthy foods . The more often your child eats their vegetables and greens, the more their body and palette will enjoy the wholesome choice. That’s why at Cater Tots, we strive to offer a variety of healthy options that you can interchange each day, that’s what makes Cater Tots the best school lunch company in Orange County.

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