Emergency Order Page - Cater Tots

Emergency Order Page

Emergency lunches cost $9.00 per meal for a regular portion and $7.50 for a junior portion. Orders need to be placed and paid for anytime between 9:01am until 11:30pm the day prior to service for Tuesday-Friday service days, and between 9:01am Fri until 11:30pm Sunday for a Monday service day.

Emergency lunch shall consist of- A choice of one hot entree ( Veg or non Veg), 2 sides which consist of apples (sliced or whole) and carrot sticks, plus a water.

Please print the confirmation email and send it with your child to school as emergency lunch details will not appear on the schools daily reports.

This month’s emergency lunch entree options are:
Vegetarian-  Mac & Cheese
Non Vegetarian- Chicken Caesars Salad

Please note that emergency lunches can only be ordered for delivery on days which your school receives service from Cater Tots.