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Welcome back to all our families who were away for the summer. We hope you had an enjoyable break. During the summer we tested some new recipes, reworked some old ones, and the team has being working hard to find healthier more nutritional ingredients. As we head into the new school year, we will slowly introduce some of these new options. We also reviewed our parent feedback and adjusted our menu options accordingly, placing popular items more regularly on our daily rotations. We are really excited to begin this new school year and look forward to feeding all our young minds with tastier, nutritious meals.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents of young children ordering from our box lunch menu that there are several options on the menu not suitable for young children (18mos-5yrs). Your child’s safety is extremely important to us, so we urge you to please be vigilant when making your choice and avoid items that could be considered a hazard to your child. We reserve the right to substitute any food and/or drink to adhere to our quality of standards.

Emergency lunch orders need to be placed and paid for anytime from 9:01am until 11:30pm the day prior to service for Tuesday-Friday service days, and from 9:01pm Friday until 11:30pm Sunday for a Monday service day. Emergency lunch shall consist of :

  •  A choice of one hot entree ( Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian)
  •  2 sides which will consist of:
    1.  a fruit -sliced apple
    2.  a veg- carrot sticks
  •  A 12 oz water.

Please print the confirmation email and send it with your child to school as emergency lunch details will not appear on the schools daily reports.The emergency lunch will cost $8 per meal for a regular and $6.50 per meal for a junior portion. Parents also need to be aware that this amount might reflect differently on their credit card statement as compared to the normal Catertots charge description, as we are using a different system to process these orders and provide you with this service.

We will also be updating and adding to our menu photos and descriptions available on the website. Our ingredients list is available to parents once they log in and nutritional information for most of our options are available upon request.

We wish to thank you all for the valued support!

The Cater Tots Team