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June 7, 2020
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August 25, 2021

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A special welcome to our Heritage Oak Private School Parents and Students

We are excited to welcome back all our families to this new school year. To the new parents who have joined Heritage Oak, welcome to the family. During the summer our team has been hard at work exploring new options, reworking some existing recipes and overall trying to find the right balance for all the preferences we serve. For those who like seeing their favorite item repeated daily, to those who want a variety, the meat lovers and the vegetarians- we hope that our daily selections are able to fulfill you all!

Cater Tots is proud to have partnered with Heritage Oak for the past 14 years. In keeping with the schools commitment to providing your student with an all-round great quality school experience, we continue to strive to provide quality, tasty & nutritious school lunches to the students. We offer 2 types of services to the school, namely a Boxed lunch service and an A La Carte service.

Boxed Lunch (www.catertots.com):

– This service is accessible through our website- www.catertots.com.

-Parents and students can sign up for an account using the School Code – “HOPE77 ” and place orders for pre-packed lunches that are  delivered boxed and labeled to the school daily.

-A meal consists of an entrée, two sides and a drink.

-You have a choice between 2 sizes- A junior or a regular size. We follow USDA nutrient guidelines, so in general a “junior” will be at least half of a “regular” in terms of the size or the protein, depending on the entrée.

-Our daily menu consists of a choice between 8 to 12 daily entrée options, approximately 12 sides options and about 4 drink choices.

-Orders need to be placed and paid for by 9am the business day before service is needed.

-Our next month’s menus are posted and parents can begin ordering approximately 15 days before month-end.

-Parents will receive an email telling them when the menu is posted. A second email is sent out about 3 to 5 days prior to the start of the new month as a reminder to parents to place their orders.

-You are able to order daily, weekly or even monthly, depending on your preference by selecting ” Place a New Order”.

-Orders can also be canceled or changed by 9am the business day before by selecting the “Edit Order” function on your account.

A La Carte Service (Grade 2 and up- www.myschoolaccount.com or mobileMSA App):

-Cater Tots operates the onsite cafeteria at Heritage Oak.

-We have on-site staff who serve meals to the students for on-site purchase during their breaks.

-This same-day service offers breakfast/snacks & lunch to students from grade 2 & up, as well as emergency lunches to Grade 1 & below.

-We generally have 2 daily hot entrees available (a vegetarian and a meat option).

-Students can also purchase salads, sandwiches, snacks, yogurts & drinks.

-To utilize this service, parents can sign up for an account on www.myschoolaccount.com or download the mobileMSA app, where you will be able to load funds and track the student purchases.

-Please keep a lookout for an email from Cater Tots containing your student ID which will be required to set up this account.

-When the account balance is low, parents will receive a low balance notification email and will need to replenish their account in order for the student to continue using this service.

-If an account goes into a negative status, we will continue to alert parents to make a payment. If the student has no lunch we will provide an emergency lunch for the day, however the student will be blocked from making regular A La Carte purchases until the balance is paid off.

In addition, we also provide a Birthday Treat offering as well as an Emergency boxed lunch option through our website www.catertots.com

For more information, please see the attached tutorials on how to set up the accounts.

We are here to help, so for any questions or concerns please email us on [email protected] or call us on 714.751.8500 between 8am and 1pm Mon -Friday- if we are busy helping other clients, leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Thanking you and we wish your student a wonderful school year filled with positive growth and lasting memories.

The Cater Tots Team


If you are using any type of email SPAM blocking software, be sure to allow emails from “myschoolaccount.com” and “[email protected]