May Menu Testing

IPSF Summer Enrichment Academy 2019
February 7, 2019

For additional information on the May Testing Menu information, please download the PDFs available here.

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May Menu Testing

Hello Families,

The menu for May is ready for online ordering.  For service starting on May 1st, all orders must be placed and paid for by Tuesday, April 30th @ 9am.

We are sampling “Cheese Pizza” for the month of May.  We have had multiple requests to offer this item and on May 7th, 9th, 13th, 15th & 17th, it is on the menu.  Let us know your feedback.

We are also working on offering an all organic menu to interested families.  This would be a separate menu offering one meat entrée and one vegetarian entrée per day.  The menu will be available online May 6th for the service week of May 13th-17th.

We urge parents and students to contact us via our website with any suggestions, questions or concerns in order for us to better serve you.  More detail information is also available on our website under “Announcements” about all the new things Cater Tots is working on for the new school year 2019-20.

For May Menu Testing information, please download the PDFs available here.